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 Edge to Edge Patterns 

I have worked on my catalogs and they are current as of May 2016.  I have tried to make a size recommendation on all patterns.  Please scroll down for a complete listing of catalogs and pattersn.

I am still tweeking some of them and am finding that not all the pdf's want to open.  If you rotate the cataolog using the rotate button on the upper right hand corner of the new window for some reason once it is rotated all the way back around it will open.  Trying to get that fixed.

In the meantime if you don't want to play with that you can look at the all catalog in the old format.

Thanks and Happy Quilting!


All patterns on this web site are copyright protected and may not be photocopied, digitized or stored by any means other than the format in which is was purchased by the professional quilter for use on customer quilts.

Most of my patterns are custom type work but without custom quilting prices.  As much as I love to custom quilt this process is much more time consuming and therefore I must charge a much higher price and unless you are looking for show quality for your quilt this is often just not necessary.  The designers of the following patterns are so talented that I find this is a great way for me to offer you wonderful quilting at a lower price.  Some of the designs are rather complex and/or dense in the quilting that I will have a small thread charge added to the quilting.

Prices are stated in cents per square inch.  When calculating it is important to use the decimal and all the zeros other wise you might be getting a very high price of 10 cents rather than 1 cent.

My most common question is what would a queen size quilt cost me.  The answer is you must measure the quilt because a queen size for one person is not the same for another person.  Some queen size quilts just cover the bed while others have a drop on the sides, bottom and perhaps a pillow tuck.

Measure your quilt.  Length x width = Square Inch

Example:  Double Quilt of 96 x 92 would be 8832.00 Square Inches now multiply this by the SI Charge

All edge to edge quilting patterns are priced at $0.0200 a Square Inch with the exception of the Basic , Simple and Dense Catalogs listed as noted.

All Edge to edge quilt patterns

Contains all edge to edge patterns as of March 2020

1 A Feathers

This Catalog contains feather patterns that I use often, have little to no backtracking.  See Feather Catalog for more options.

Feather Patterns

This Catalog contains feather patterns that are a bit more complex or have more backtracking.  See 1 A Feathers for more options.

1 A Floral

Floral patterns that I use often and/or have little to No backtracking

1 A Leaves

This catolog contains leaf patterns that I use often and/or has little to no backtracking.  See Leaves Catolog for more options.


This catalog contains more complex leaf patterns or patterns that have more backtracking.  See 1 A Leaves for more options.

Animals and Bugs

Not just animals and bugs.  Some really nice floral patterns with an element of birds/butterflies etc..  Always worth a look

Basic 0.0165 cents

Basic Catalog is a mix of patterns that I offer at a lower cost of 0.0165 a Square Inch.  I try to give you some pretty options as well.

Block Pantos

Some of these patterns look much more dense then they are in reality.  It is just the way the snap photo prints them.  

These are patterns that have to be designed as a very long block to get the computer to stitch as an Edge to Edge pattern.   Most all are Channel type stitching as described in the name.   Very nice for modern type quilts.


 You may find more in basic or simple catalogs


You may find more in basic or simple 

Food and Drink

Some fun patterns

Geometric and Texture

I just love the look of texture on a quilt.  Can be really fun for modern quilts or just to add another design element


Some really fun patterns.  I love using these on turning twenty type quilts where the pattern really pops and does not compete with traditional blocks.  


All holidays other than Christmas who has it catalog all its own

Simple 0.0185 cents

Simple patterns for 0.085 a squre inch.   Like the Basic catalog this is catalog is a mix of patterns that I offer at a slighly lower cost.  Lots of fun things in here to give you some great options.


Specific to a a group such as boyscouts,  medical etc...


You might find more stars in Quilt of Valor, basic or simple catalogs

Traditional Style patterns

Good old fashioned patterns like the clam shell or the Baptist Fan.  Great on those antique quilts

Rebecca's Designs

I can digitize patterns for you and many of my patterns can be found on for sale.   If you have an idea of something and can not find it, If you can draw the design from one end to the other (only one repeat is required) without lifting your pen then I can  digitze this for you.  Photos  and clip art or vector art can also be worked with.

My personal patterns can be found in the appropiate catalogs.

New 2020

Check back from time to time to see what is new.

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